Friday, February 03, 2012

Android Useful Links

In this post, i am gathering some of the Android web Links which will be useful for the Android Developers.

The Android boot process from power on:

              This link will discuss the initial boot stages of an Android phone in detail. This article will through light on boot process steps starting from Boot Rom code to the Android System Server.
              I Found this article very useful and informative.

Porting Wi-Fi Drivers to Android

            This link provides a step by step explanation of what's involved in adding a new wifi driver and making wifi work in a custom Android build.
            I referred this link, and got an instant success in bringing up the Wi-Fi Driver on Android.

Wi-Fi as Access Point (AP) in Android.

            This link provides complete instructions on how to build SoftAP driver and porting SoftAP driver to Android File System.

Android on OMAP (TI's ARM)

           This link collects information about and guides you through the installation of Google's Android on TI's ARM based OMAP SoCs.

Android Bluetooth Introduction.

         This link explains the architecture of Bluetooth in android.

Git Cheat Sheets

         This link is having the "git commands" in a trimmed way. Most comprehensive list of commands.

Please write to me, for any broken links

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