Thursday, May 02, 2013

How to resolve the OTG Malfunctioning when adb service is started.

   On Our OMAP4 board, we have enabled the OTG (On The Go) functionality .

   It has been enabled in both Master mode and Slave mode.

   Master Mode  : Connect USB mouse to the OTG port on the board. The Board will recognize the USB mouse. In this case, the board is acting as a master and the usb mouse as a slave one.

   Slave Mode  : Connect the OMAP4 board on to the PC.  PC recognizes the board. PC acts as a host device and the board acts as a slave one.

  While Enabling the OTG functionality, we bumped into a problem where in which the OTG functionality was getting failed .

  Root Cause : In init.rc file, we use to start the ADB service which was causing the reset of OTG functionality.

  Comment out the below lines from init.rc file , which has helped in resolving this issue.

#set the adb properties which will help in installing the applications.
#    setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555
#    stop adbd
#    start adbd

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